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29th august 2015 – meeting agenda

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Meeting Agenda

An official meeting of Borderless World Foundation Srinagar is scheduled to be held on 29th August 2015. The meeting was fixed by BWF’s Chairman Mr. Sheikh Zahoor on 9th August 2015. The meeting would be attended by all the BWF Employees working in Srinagar Office, all Basera-e-Tabassum Homes Staff Members and Mr. Nitin Upadhyay, who has been informed about the said meeting in advance. It is mandatory for all the employees to be present in the meeting. Absence on the said day will be strictly dealt with.

The issues confronting the employees, functioning of the BWF Srinagar Office and functioning of B-e-T Homes would be discussed in the meeting. Moreover, rules and regulations for the effective functioning of Office as well as B-e-T Homes; a copy of which is already prepared; would be discussed and implemented.

Moreover, all the managers of the Homes would be trained to use the BWF Work Force Blog by Mr. Haris. The same will lead to effective functioning and accountability.

All the arrangements for the meeting will be made by Mr. Haris and Mrs. Salima and Ms. Iqra will coordinate in the same.

Tentative Agenda for the Meeting

Time Activity
10:00 AM-10:30 AM Start Meeting (Discuss purpose of Meeting by Mr. Zahoor)
10:30 AM-11:30 AM Address by all Managers (Discuss Functioning of the Homes)
11:30 AM-12:00 Noon Tea Break
12:00 AM-12:45 PM Address by BWF Srinagar Officials (Functioning of Office)
12:45 PM-01:30 PM Address by Mr. Nitin Upadhyay
01:30 PM-02:00 PM Lunch Break
02:00 PM-03:00 PM Address by Mr. Zahoor (Suggestions & Recommendations)
03:00 PM-03:30 PM Conclusion & Vote of Thanks



Haris Abrar Kashmiri

Program Officer

Borderless World Foundation

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