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4th September Meeting Report

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Meeting Report

On 4th September 2015, a meeting was held at Borderless World Foundation’s Central Office in order to get an idea about the functioning of Central Office as well as all B-e-T Homes. The meeting was scheduled earlier by Chairman BWF-JKL Mr. Sheikh Zahoor.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Salima Bhat, Mr. Haris Abrar, Ms. Iqra Javaid, Ms. Princey (Manager B-e-T Home Anantnag), Ms. Surat Jan (House Mother B-e-T Anantnag), Ms. Rifat (Manager B-e-T Home Kupwara), Mr. Riyaz Wani (Local Coordinator B-e-T Beerwah) and Mr. Sajad (Caretaker Srinagar Office).

As on 29th Augusts meeting agenda with Mr. Nitin, it was decided that once in a week Mr. Zahoor will come to central office to supervise the functioning of office and all Homes. So, in this regard Mr. Zahoor took an overview of all the assignments given to programme officers and managers of all Homes. He also put forward that in Beerwah Home after every 3 months, a medical camp will be organized through Army officials wherein all girls can assess free medical checkups. It was also decided by Mr. Zahoor that Managers of other two homes will also be informed to have a visit to Beerwah medical camp with their children.

Further Mr. Zahoor felt the need that managers of all homes should have the knowledge of basic medicines so that they will be able to handle any emergency situations for which Mr. Zahoor assured that he will talk to army officials for providing professional medical training to all managers.

It was also assured that within two days manager of Beerwah and Kupwara home will be provided with android phones so that they can learn about the BWF Workforce as early as possible by Programme officers.

In the Second half of the Meeting- manager of Anantnag, Miss Princy put in the notice of all that the  Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Bank donated 24 suits to B-e-T Anantnag last month. Miss Iqra also discussed the issues confronting in WDC, Kupwara where all the girls are still not prepared and willing to work on wages. They were asked to give a written note about their matter of concern which they had (The document will be attached separately). With the consent of all, it was decided that they will be ordered to work totally on Market linking and networking in the coming month. They will be asked to find market opportunities for their work. Further adding Miss Salima said that she will talk with the higher authorities about the matter and will try to convince them to extent one month salary for WDC.

Moreover, Miss Iqra javed directed the Home Managers to submit monthly activity report at the end of month. B-e-T Kupwara Children’s monthly medical report and the monthly activity chart done in Home were also checked by programme officers. The managers of all homes were assigned to implement the activity chart framed by Miss Iqra from this month.

Later the food stock was provided to Anantnag and Beerwah Home. One resolution was passed that managers should themselves provide items to B-e-T girls for proper usage e.g. if there is a shampoo bottle it should not be handed over to any B-e-T girl separately or in group as to make its proper usage because it has been noticed by Mr. Zahoor and other managers that girls used things haphazardly without any order.

Mr. Riyaz took the food essentials to Beerwah Home with Mr. Zahoor. Miss Iqra and Mr. Sajad with Manager of Anantnag went to Anantnag Home. Where Miss Iqra had an interaction with all beautiful    B-e-T girls and informed them about the 13th September program at central office “Celebrating the Teachers Day Special”. All the girls were excited about the event and their enthusiasm was encouraging for BWF team.







With Regards

Iqra Javed

Programme officer,BWF

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