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Beerwah Children on Picnic

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Date:  Sunday 23rd August, 2015.

Location: Sonamarg, Jammu & Kashmir.

Borderless World Foundation once again proudly presents a report on Basera-e-Tabassum picnic day at Sonamarg on Sunday 23rd of August, 2015.Picture3

This year also B-e-T Beerwah Home organized a picnic for 43 children with 5 staff members and 4 volunteers to Sonamarg which means “Meadow of Gold”, a hill station in the Ganderbal district.

Started at 9:00 am in the early morning all the items for picnic were loaded in a huge bus and journey was started towards Sonamarg. It was about two to three hours distance from the Beerwah Home. The children were extremely excited to reach the destination. All the children kept singing songs and dancing in the bus till they reached the venue. On the midway, the bus was stopped near a stall/Dhaba and the children and staff were served with soft drinks and chips followed by tea and hot pakodas with chilly chutney as an energizer for the twinkling stars of Basera-e-Tabassum.

Finally we reached our spot at around noon. All the children were amused to see the enchanting natural beauty and snow clad peaks, ponies carrying tourist’s up to hilly areas crossing stunning blue water lakes and grasslands. Some images were captured of children individually and in group.

The volunteers of B-e-T started taking attendance and formed a single line of children, approaching towards the garden of Sonamarg. A small green patch of land in between water was chosen by children to rest and take lunch. The delicious lunch consisting of rice, chicken, cheese, Dania aloo sabji and salad was served at 1:30 pm. The best part was that all the dishes were cooked by some young girls of B-e-T and that were yummy. After lunch, the children were given a timeframe within which they were allowed to play and explore the beauty around. By 3pm the children were back.

Mr. Shiekh Shahnawaz Zahoor and the volunteers helped in making the picnic a great success and also memorable for the children. All of them take children under complete supervision to different areas around; played with them in water, take snaps, showed huge mountains. Mr. Zahoor told some amazing facts related to the area enhanced the knowledge of children as well as others.

As in between a fine spell of heavy rainfall added one more memory to the picnic. A chance to see the bracing climate of Sonamarg was experienced by all children. After 10 minutes the sun again started shining and brought shine on the faces of children also. After that Mr. Zahoor took children to see the market where tea, cold-drinks and ice creams were served to children according to their choices.

Packed all the things and started on our way back home. While returning children again started singing and dancing in the bus. The entertainers of the evening were Zahida, Sarwat and Abida. The total package of fun Zahida, a student of 6th standard mesmerized all with her funny jokes and dance. Sarwat and Abida also danced and sang songs all the way long. Moreover Sehr and Fizu, cute, little and the younger one in the group danced and sang like angles down to earth. All the children expressed a desire to revisit the place. Some also mentioned that though they had been to this place but they enjoyed coming with their friends the most. A great day for all the children and the staff for which all the credit goes to Zahoor Sahib who organized such a great event and the efforts of all volunteers of Basera-e-Tabassum Home at Beerwah.

It was a wonderful experience where children learnt many things, enjoyed and had great fun.

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