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Mridu Markan Intern, BET, Kupwara(2009),
Masters in Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai

“It is rightly stated that sometimes, one decision of your life can alter the entire topography of your life. Interning with BWF was one such decision I made. It exposed me not only to the unique culture of the valley but also to the hardships faced daily by individuals residing in a conflict zone. Provided with a myriad range of relevant issues to work on, under able guidance and supervision, the experience augmented my learning curve professionally and personally .The most memorable part of my voyage was my interaction with the girls at Kupwara. Enthused with a zest to live, they not only touch but successfully build a permanent niche for themselves in your heart. If you are breeding a desire to engage in work which would facilitate the society and help you meaningfully explore yourself further, BWF is waiting for you!”


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