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Children of Kupwara on picnic 2nd august 2015

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Date:  Sunday 2rnd August, 2015.

  Location: Chari-e-sharief and Yusmarg, Jammu & Kashmir.


Borderless World Foundation presents a report on Basera-e-Tabassum picnic day at Chari-e-sharief and Yusmarg on Sunday 2nd of August, 2015. B-e-T Kupwara Home organized a picnic for children with 6 staff members to Chari-e-sharief and Yusmarg.

At 9:30 am in the early morning the journey was started towards Chari-e-sharief, one of the most ancient shrines which stand tall in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It was about three hours distance from the Kupwara Home. The children were extremely excited to reach the destination. All the children kept reciting ‘naat’ (religious song) in the bus till they reached the venue. Finally we reached our spot at around noon.

All the children were amused to see the heritage of about 600 years old and were also awared about its history of devastation by militant attack and how it was reconstruct. The children went for ablution ‘Wudu’ and entered into the shrine for prayer. After an hour all children and staff were served with soft drinks and chips. Miss Salima took all the children to explore the hugePicture2 market around the shrine. By 2:30pm all were back to the shrine and decided to have a lunch in a garden which was adjacent to shrine.

The delicious lunch consisting of Biryani and roasted chicken with chilly chutney and salad was delicious. At 3:30pm, packed all the things and started the way back to bus towards Yusmarg meaning “The meadow of Jesus”. It’s believed by the natives that Jesus came to Kashmir and stayed at Yusmarg for some time. Reached at 4:30pm, the manager of B-e-T started taking attendance and formed a single line of children, approaching towards the garden of Yusmarg.

The children were given a timeframe within which they were allowed to play and explore the beauty around. By 5pm the children were back. Some images were captured of children individually and in group. Miss Salima gathered all children and ice creams were served to them.

Miss Salima helped in making the picnic a great success and also memorable for the children. She took children under complete supervision to different areas around; played with them, take snaps, showed huge mountains and told some amazing facts related to the area enhanced the knowledge of children as well as others.

At 6:30pm, while returning back all children started singing and dancing in the bus. The entertainer of the evening was Khushboo, the total package of fun, danced so well and mesmerized all. All the children expressed a desire to revisit the place. It was a wonderful experience where children learnt many things, enjoyed and had great fun.

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