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Because of the conflict in the Kashmir Valley, the medical services aren’t easily available there. Especially the girls and women find it difficult to obtain proper medical and health care due to cultural and moral policing and discrimination, and before suffer from lack of proper medical care.

To help the girls and women to overcome this barrier, BWF aims at providing a facility which will be run by girls and for girls solely for their betterment in the society, where the girls and women can free discuss their medical problems and seek solutions to them from professionals. The primary medical issues which the BWF is trying to address are personal cleanliness and hygiene, sanitation of the girls and women.

Along with the development of sanitation care for the girls, BWF is working to develop overall medical care in Kashmir valley. In the year 2014, for the first time, Emergency Medical Services were started in the Kashmir Valley by BWF during the Kashmir floods, wherein with the help of 6 ambulances BWF was able to reach near about 7 districts of Kashmir region and able to reach near about 730 villages with 127 doctors and medicines approx worth Rs 3.5 crores were distributed to the patients.

J & K state is having poor EMS or there is no such service available. BWF’s pilot project is to bring lot of education and awareness in the state, which will help to build such EMS project on larger level. EMS will bring down death rate in the area, where we are offering service. Armed with a detailed survey of a district, as well as about the other part of Kashmir in regards to heath care facilities, BWF started this service with a aim to reach maximum needy patients. Fully equipped Ambulances can work as Mobile Hospitals, and can reach to the interior part of Kashmir where still hospitals are not fully equipped and also the poor service caused lot of death loss. EMS can be the temporary replacement to it.


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