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We believe meetings are a way of putting our heads together to make things better for our children. We have a core committee that meets quarterly, and other resource teams that meet as regularly as is required to cope with the challenges in the different focus areas of bwf. We keep the larger Borderless Family informed of all developments at these meetings.


We are constantly looking to grow our Resource Pool of professionals, experts, and volunteers who can assist and support us in taking our initiatives and programmes forward – more importantly, to build partnerships with any individual or organization that can add value to our efforts in Jammu and Kashmir. Individual professionals and experts and partner organisations from around the country and the world visit our three Homes in Kashmir, and the Home in Jammu to conduct sessions, workshops, assessments, analyses, surveys, training etc. – in our focus areas of Education, Health and Economic Rehabilitation.

BWF friends

Borderless World Foundation depends on the blessings, good wishes, support, and the energy of its ‘circle of angels’ – it’s the Borderless Family that helps us dream on. Our brothers and sisters in Kashmir and Jammu have, on numerous occasions, joined hands with us; protected us in times of trial and played the crucial role of voluntary spokespersons for our work in the region. In other parts of the country and the world, we constantly have large-hearted, open-minded souls who join the family, and stay on to participate, contribute and add value. While a generous soul quietly contributes to our corpus fund, someone has generously donated a new van for our children and the Homes; someone else, on just one phone call, has helped build new toilets at two of our Homes. Another angel flew in to help us re-design our website, while two others visited the three Homes in Kashmir and did an amazing job with fixing all the electricals…the list is endless. The circle gets bigger everyday – the family keeps growing.


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