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Meeting with Nitin-Beerwah Children for Photography worshop

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Note on meeting held at B-e-T Beerwah Home.

On 31st August, a meeting was held at B-e-T Beerwah. The meeting was called by Mr. Nitin comprised of Miss Iqra and Mr. Zahoor with few girls of B-e-T home. The aim of the meeting was to have a discussion on formalizing the aspiration of some girls from B-e-T Beerwah who are passionate about photography and wants to take it as a profession. Mr. Nitin, who has already taught them about some technicalities of photography and Camera, now wants them to take it on professional levels under his guidance if they want to. In this regard the meeting was framed. Mr. Nitin gave them brief structural information of how he shoots a film of any project. So, it was decided that each girl in a group will first choose some theme according to her interest and will start doing a small research on it until Mr. Nitin will come up with a fully detailed proposal of photography certificate course for girls. The said course was decided to be monitored by Mr. Nitin through Skype calls and Miss Iqra and Mr. Zahoor will be executing it from Srinagar office for its proper implementation or any assistance or help. On the basis of their work the next level will include their admission in top level institutions of photography on scholarships.

All the girls welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm and delight and were ready to set their goals.

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