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Monthly Plan – August

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A surprise visit will be conducted by Programme Officers from Srinagar Office to all the

BET homes, In order to get the knowhow of necessary needs and existing problems if

any. Managers of all the homes and girls enrolled in WDC, Kupwara centre will be

briefed about the maintenance of medical reports and activity charts. Moreover a proper

attendance file should be maintained of all the managers/ employees of homes. A

proper timing schedule for WDC girls has to be framed.

As an activity, the workshop on importance of health and sanitation will be organized at

BET home, Kupwara. A tentative date as 23rd of August has been fixed. In the workshop

documentaries on the said topic will be shown and then a drawing session will be

conducted in which a theme will be given to a group of girls and they have to draw a

picture related to that theme. This activity will deliver the knowledge and it will be in a

play way method and drawing session can be a brainstorming segment. The workshop

will be conducted in other homes as well. Further a format for assessing the progress of

girls in schools has been framed and this report will be filled by in-charge teachers at

schools half yearly. An introduction of ‘how an in-charge teacher has to fill this progress

report will be efficiently delivered to managers of all the homes by programme officer.

At Srinagar office, the meeting is going to be held on 29th of August, officials from Pune,

Srinagar and employees of all homes will attend the meeting. The agenda of the

meeting is to hold a discussion about the developments taking place in BWF Srinagar

office and future efforts for effective development of BWF Homes. Discussing

hindrances/problems and necessary solutions will be imparted. Moreover ideas will be

exchanged for effective ongoing of activities.

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