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Note from Director’s Desk

The process of Peace Building has numerous obstacles and one of the serious ones is misinterpretation of information and quotes. Borderless World Foundation has been involved in its efforts of peace building through educating the girl children and empowering them with a broad range of exchanges and interactive workshops. Borderless World Foundation has been running four orphanages in the state of Jammu and Kashmir since 2002. In the recent years as the work has been progressing wonderfully well with the support and cooperation of the locals who are increasingly taking lead and responsibility of protecting and running these homes, antisocial elements the who are seeing the empowerment of the girls as a threat to their authority and control, have started efforts to not only disrupt but to ruin this wonderful project which completed its 10 years in Kashmir on May 2012 by misleading the innocent Kashmiri leadership as well as people of J & K.

As an organization we felt the need to release this note to clarify certain points from our side. In some of the interviews given by our founder Mr. Adhik Kadam, he has shared the account of being seized and even being beaten roughly by militants as well as security forces in the time of armed struggle.

In some other interviews he has mentioned the reasons for which these orphanages were started. The truth has not been hidden from the world but pars of these interviews have been handpicked and presented in a completely distorted manner. One small example would be when Mr. Adhik said “I have encountered armed persons, security forces and militants as well when the confusion and disorder at its peak at that time” everyone knows that his life was in danger as he had absolutely no way of protecting himself. In spite of having suffered for the sake of the children, the antisocial elements have verbally and through printed words, attacked Mr. Adhik and his comrades calling them blasphemous. They have misquoted Mr. Adhik and tried showing him in bad light. This is a pitiable behavior and we decided to publish this note to say, that if ever anyone has doubts about our work and characters, they are always welcome to come and meet and have complete clarity on every matter which they seek to understand. Our website, activity reports, accounts and video reports – all are in public domain and can be easily accessed by anyone interested.

Mr. Adhik and the Borderless World Foundation team would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who might have been emotionally hurt by any such misinterpreted statement. We hope that this note will convey our sincerity and determination to continue working for the orphans children of the valley.

On behalf of the Chairman, employees and the dedicated volunteers and supporters of Borderless World Foundation,

Bipin Takwale, General Secretary, BWF


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