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Project FAH (Facilitate and Accomplish with Humility)

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About the Project: In August, 2009 Borderless World Foundation started Project Fah, a Home in Jammu for girl children who have thus far lived in migrant camps in Jammu.

These children belong to Kashmiri families (mostly Hindus) who had to leave the valley almost two decades ago because of the unfavorable conditions. Various studies conducted in migrant camps in Jammu have proven that life in migrant camps and the various constraints (space, financial, environmental etc.) that it brings about with itself have hampered the development of children living in them.

Due to difficult conditions at the Camps, the children are not able to learn and reach the best of their potential. To help them cope with the challenges of achieving despite the situation, it is important that these children het to live in an environment which is free from such negative influences and is conducive to their overall development which only a residential facility away from the camp areas can provide. This is where BWF hopes to make a difference.









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