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The Borderless World Foundation (bwf) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, registered organization based in Pune, Maharashtra. Established in March 2002, bwf aims to provide a ‘Humane Touch’ to the border areas of India and beyond. The bwf family is an open circle of people with a ‘change-begins-with-me’ approach to this cause.

The thought behind bwf originated in 1998 when the founders (Bharti Mamani & Adik Kadam) started work at the grassroots level in the conflict-ridden frontier district of Kupwara in Kashmir. Their first hand experience of the human tragedy made them aware of the fact that the people of a nation often do not realise that their border areas function as the ‘shock absorbers’ of the country, and that life for the people in these areas is far from normal – it’s full of uncertainty. Loss of lives, violence, fear and chaos are the order of the day. Socio-economic stagnancy, corruption and civil administrative breakdown affect all walks of life. Scores of thousands of children have been orphaned due to violence; close to a million of them have dropped out of their childhood.


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