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Un-friend me, if you don’t like me…

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New Challenge, but together we can come over it!!!

I was a student of a Political Science; I tried to understand and study deeply but slowly understood there is no science in today’s political liberty. Thus I decided to work with downtrodden and weaker section of the society, rather just sitting and making policies without having even simple understanding of life.

I choose to be in Social Service, so that I will be with people and give my services without any hesitation and without limitation of cast, creed or religion, but on the simple criterion of being Human… but this path is leading me to a spiritual path too.

In spite of spending over 20 years in the field without any monetary expectations or any personal gain, I feel many of my FACEBOOK friends are still not happy with my work. They think that I am wrong person and have earned crores of rupees in the name of Social Work. In the time of Demonetization in India, it is easy now to find the hidden money. All bank accounts can easily be checked and it is easy to track all money. Hope the people who have valid reason and proof about such criticism are free to split from a person like me and to officially stop me from doing any such work in the society.

I like to keep this Subject very open to all of my friends and like to bring this to their notice, that there are some people who simply make mischief and trouble on various level and also they are using FACEBOOK or other social media as a tool to vent false or malicious criticisms. Many Facebook accounts sometimes have proven fake too.

Criticism is not bad, it is healthy. But Critics should also have an open heart to understand and study the person/subject deeply.  Without having an understanding of life, talking about it looks like shallow effort.

I request all my friends to read this note carefully, and if you don’t want me to be in your friend list, please Unfriend me from your list. It will be helpful for me to be with the people who like to connect with me on spiritual level.

Adhik Kadam


Borderless World Foundation

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