“The true purpose of education is to make minds.”

And that’s exactly what BWF primarily works for. Education is an essential indigent like salt in any dish in a young child’s life to build a bright, secure and healthly future.

Keeping this in mind, BWF works to impart education specially to the girl child of the strife torn valley of Kashmir. BWF through its Homes tries to provide good education for such children. BWF started its honorable work in the year 1999 and starting with one child, now its helping more than 173 girls staying in their four Homes.

There are girls from the age of 5 to 22-23 staying in the BWF homes, hence Bwf is trying to provide academic schooling for everyone of those girls of every age. Along with academic schooling, the girls are exposed to different environments of different schools and later on made to share and discuss their experiences with the other girls at the Homes. The girls are primarily taught in Urdu language as its their native language, but with the aim to connect these girls with the world and to help them make their own mark in the world, they are being taught English language also.

BWF aims at making the Kashmir girl child not only school educated but practically smart also. Keeping this in mind, extra circular activities like photography, learning art, tailoring and stitching, cultural exchange programs, etc. are started by the BWF, hence giving the girls tools not only to develop their future but also to enrich their lives in one of the most vulnerable places on this earth.


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