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On a visit to Tithwal, Bharti Mamani and Adhik Kadam, the founders of bwf, witnessed an event that inspired the philosophy that is at the soul of the Borderless World Foundation. Tithwal is a village, right on the edge of the map – the Kishenganga river flows here: on the left bank is Tithwal in Kupwara, Kashmir, on the right bank is the village of Chiliana in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Prior to the war of 1947, the families living in the two villages belonged to the same house, but are now divided by a river and a border.

On that visit, Bharti and Adik witnessed a wedding and a funeral in which broken families on both sides of the Kishenganga participated. This is where was born the thought of a human community without fences; a country of bridges; a world without borders. But with dreams begin responsibility.

The village of Tithwal in Kashmir. On the right bank of the Kishenganga river is the village of Chilian in Muzaffarabad, on the left bank is Tithwal in the district of Kupwara, Kashmir.

They registered Borderless World Foundation, and on May 12, 2002, they started the first Home in the village of Sulkoot, in Kupwara.


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