For many years, BWF has been working for Kashmiri Girl Child for their education and their upbringing. Day by day, as nature changes, women transform from a girl to woman and now they are capable to stand on their own feet. In this regards, what we need to do is to guide them and help them to make their future prosperous and joyful.

A successful woman is the one who can build a firm foundation for herself and her family. To do so it is necessary to empower the women. And it is rightly said that empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

Kashmir valley being inhabited mostly by Muslims with Muslim cultural stronghold makes it difficult for the women there to be free and open. To help the girls and women of the Kashmir valley take a breath of fresh air and empower themselves, BWF is striving since 1997 by coming up with various projects and ideas to help the women there to empower and enrich themselves along with their families.

BWF’s aim for women is not only to survive in the society but also to create a good entrepreneur in Kashmir valley, to make women empowered but also to make those poor families happy and wealthy and be able to participate in all developmental activities.

Keeping this in mind, BWF has recently started various major projects like making of Sanitary Napkins, Stitching including tailoring Embroidering, Designing, Printing, Ornamenting and Designing.

The work place of above projects will be in the town of Salokot district Kupwara which is nearby to girls’ home started by BWF. This project will be landmark project in Kashmir valley as it is only project which will run by girls and for girls solely for their betterment in the society and will commence from 1st July 2015.




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