volunteers do not
necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart.


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Sponsor 200 girl children

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Help to Build a Children’s Home

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120 People donated 32000 $ / 200000 $

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Emergency Medical Services in the Himalayas…

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You can participate at Emergency Medical service


- 150 fee -
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September 15 , Rue de l’Etoile, Paris, France

Drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recovery always is…..

The Caravan of EMS vehicles reaches Himalayas Jammu and Kashmir state is lacking Emergency medical services. Actually there is no EMS in entire state. This bring lot of sorrow. We are willing to start EMS project with state government. After we finished with flood affected areas, we decided to shift all these ambulances into EMS network and partnering with state

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365 days 24 X 7 , Jammu & Kashmir

Photography ….. living life ….understanding life..

Photography at Basera-e-Tabassum My association with BWF began, as an answer to my prayer for the children of Kashmir. I was in Kashmir in 2000 on assignment, photographing for a book called “Going to School in India” conceived and written by Lisa Heydlauff. The book talks about various ways an Indian child goes to school, their mode of transport, food,

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    there is a sense of solace and purpose, even in worrying….

    Dr. Sadia Raval, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Mumbai

    A disconnected-Disjointed Report of Impressions ‘The love affair started tenderly: a warm hug, a lightless night, a dim lantern, the resonating trickle of streams and whispers of footfalls. I had reached Peth-Bugh (Anantnag) tired, after two long and extremely hot journeys. The cool still air was a respite. As I stepped out of the car, a strange good feeling set in. Someone hugged me……read more

    Dr Sadia, Health

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    passion takes you there

    Neha & Furqan, MSW student from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

    ‘I stayed in Basera-e-Tabassum (BeT) in Kupwara district of Jammu & Kashmir State for a period of 20 days. As a requirement of my M.A. in Social Work course, I had to undertake a one-month block fieldwork in an organization. I came to know about Borderless World Foundation (BWF), when girls from BeT had come to Pune-Mumbai for an exposure visit. After interacting with the girls, I felt that the organization was doing some genuine work & hence decided to do my block fieldwork with them’…… more


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    I will be there with you guys always, as a part of your life

    Falgooni Mehta, Lawyer, Mumbai

    At the outset I must say that I am stating my thoughts and feelings – very personal ones after having visited Basera- E- Tabassum (Abode of Smiles) situated in Kupwara district Kashmir. Couple of years ago when I was told by doctors that I may not survive a life threatening illness, after having survived it, I took a serious look at my life and dreams again and this time I was not taking a chance on giving up on either of them. My dream was to work with Children in conflict areas. Though I never thought of Kasmir at that time, I was thinking in terms of Afghanistan and Pakistan…… more


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    BWF is waiting for you

    Mridu Markan Intern, BET, Kupwara(2009), 
    Masters in Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai

    “It is rightly stated that sometimes, one decision of your life can alter the entire topography of your life. Interning with BWF was one such decision I made. It exposed me not only to the unique culture of the valley but also to the hardships faced daily by individuals residing in a conflict zone……… more


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    mission kashmir

    Vishal Kudchadkar, Volunteer, Asha Los Angeles
    Duration: Monday, July 30, 2007

    As the pilot announced the flight’s descent into Srinagar, the lush forests surrounding the green rice fields dotted by rustic dwellings reminded me of my hometown – Goa. But as we drew nearer to the airport the serene green gave way to the olive green…….read more

    Vishal, mission

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